Amelia Powers Gardner

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Amelia Powers Gardner is the Utah County Clerk/Auditor for Utah County, Utah. Prior to being elected as the County Clerk/Auditor, Amelia was an account executive for Caterpillar and was a small business consultant. Since being elected, Amelia has received national recognition for her election reforms. In addition to being the only County Clerk in Utah to administer a Ranked Choice election, she also is the first Clerk in the nation to implement mobile voting for overseas and disabled voters and offer end-to-end automated marriage licenses. Amelia continues to receive local and national attention for improving efficiencies and increasing election security, including being featured as one of Government Technology’s top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers for 2020. Amelia Powers Gardner is a proud mother of six children. She is married to her husband Tobin Gardner and lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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