Club for Growth Foundation Fellowship Program

The 2024 application window is open.
David McIntosh, President, Club for Growth Foundation

The Club for Growth Foundation Fellowship program equips civic leaders to talk about a free society, economic liberty, and limited government, expanding the number of pro-growth Americans who are able and willing to engage in public service across a broad cross-section of society.

The Fellowship is a yearlong program that consists of two seminars and virtual meetings that provide media training on how to pivot towards winning messages and using impactful stories to convey the human cost of the radical socialist agenda.

About the Fellowship

The 2024 Fellowship is a yearlong program comprised of regularly-scheduled virtual meetings and two in-person seminars.

Seminar 1: April 2024 (Location TBD)

Fellows will obtain a greater understanding for the constitutional framework that makes economic growth and freedom possible.  Nationally recognized experts will teach the fellows:

  • Why the Constitution limits government to ensure freedom.
  • Why business is honorable and why they succeed where governments fail
  • How free markets and limited government solve problems

In addition, we will also provide media training that will teach the participants how to effectively frame their arguments in debates and other public fora. For instance, we will teach them the “do’s” and “don’ts” of talking with the media. This includes understanding how to frame a message in different media formats (i.e. TV, radio, print, etc.) and understanding interviewee rights. It will also teach them how to pivot towards winning messages and using impactful stories to convey the human cost of the radical socialist agenda.


Seminar 2: September 2024 in Washington, DC

Fellows will take the knowledge they learned from the first seminar and the virtual seminars and use it to zoom in on the ugly, but unavoidable side of the political process. Topics include:

  • Understanding the legislative process
  • How private actors and special interests seek to use government for personal gain
  • Learn about regulatory capture, logrolling, rent-seeking and the realities of the political process

Virtual Seminars: January 2024 – December 2024

Before and after the in-person seminars, the Foundation will be hosting regularly-scheduled virtual meetings where the fellows will receive media training and policy education.  This includes learning about the latest polling, the best messages, and how to make key arguments about the latest policy issues.

trump hotel washinton dc
The Waldorf Astoria, Washington, DC.

Who Should Apply

Aspiring leaders interested in connecting and learning from free-market leaders who are inspiring the conservative movement in research, policy, and communication strategies. 

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