Free markets, pro-growth policies and creating economic prosperity.
This is what Club for Growth Foundation stands for.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be
- Thomas Jefferson
What We Do

Like Thomas Jefferson, we believe a free society requires an educated public and a transparent political process. It is our mission to inform the general public about the many benefits of economic freedom and limited government.

So much economic policy is shrouded in jargon and behind-the-scenes deals. We use a number of educational tools to shine a bright light on the inner workings of Congress, the way laws are made, and the economic analysis needed to understand key policies.


Jackson T.
Stephens, Jr.

Chairman of the Board


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member

Glyn McKay

Executive Director

Mark Rusthoven

Policy Director

James Selvey

Research Analyst
How We Work

Educating the Public

Club for Growth Foundation conducts public policy research, hosts conferences and forums, and produces a variety of publications to keep the public engaged and informed on the most important free-market issues facing our country today.

Vote Studies

Every year, Club for Growth Foundation publishes a vote study on Congress allowing citizens to see how congressional members vote on key economic issues. Our annual publication looks at the most important votes each Congress on economic topics ranging from spending to taxes to regulation to trade. The studies provide vote explanations and a score for each member of Congress.


Club for Growth Foundation hosts public policy events and forums that educate attendees on economic conservatism. We invite interesting and qualified speakers to address a range of economic issues, and give attendees the opportunity to learn from leading thinkers in the public arena.

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