Annie Black

Mesquite, NV

Annie spent her entire life in Las Vegas until crime and the poor education system drove her to search for a safer, simpler life for her two boys, Tommy (21) and Tyler (18), in Mesquite, Nevada. Her family has been in business there for many years and the town holds a special place in her heart.

Unfortunately, Mesquite businesses hadn’t quite bounced back to the boom days prior to the crash of 2008. Instead of spectating, Annie rolled up her sleeves and ran for the City Council. She had no staff and a small budget, but she won her election. Annie was one of only two republicans to win in Nevada in 2018.

On the city council, Annie promoted Mesquite businesses, fought red tape, supported law enforcement, and shook things up in the good ‘ole boys club. Annie is a fighter with the wins to show for it.

While Annie was serving in the Legislature, Democrats closed the People’s House and handed down mandates. Annie challenged the establishment, forcing Democrats to drop their mask mandate and reopen the legislature to the public.

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