Blaine Wilhour

Beecher City, IL

Blaine Wilhour is a 3-term Illinois State Representative with a reputation for leading the charge against dysfunctional government policies that stifle the economy and limit freedom. He is an active advocate for policies to lower taxes, promote smart deregulation, reduce inflation, protect parental rights, and implement energy policies that provide working families with affordable and accessible energy.

Blaine served as an Army Intelligence Analyst from 1999-2005 and is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and a former member of the Fayette County Board. He resides with his wife, Amber, and their three sons on his farm in rural Beecher City, Illinois.

In addition to his political career, Blaine is a partner in Wilhour Farms, LLC, where he has played a critical role in recruiting and executing new farmland acquisitions and negotiating contract terms with landowners. He is also a managing partner of Longhorn Buildings, LLC, where he makes hiring decisions, negotiates and manages extensive vendor relationships, and oversees all sales and marketing operations.

Blaine is a public speaker, having spoken on behalf of good government groups like He has appeared on national news programs such as the Tucker Carlson show and is a 2023 Fellow with the Club for Growth Foundation. He is a member of the Illinois Freedom Caucus and continues to advocate for good government, transparency, accountability, and fiscal sanity in government.

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