Bob Rommel

Naples, Florida

Naples entrepreneur Bob Rommel was born and raised in Keyport, New Jersey. He is the product of a hard-working, small town where most families struggled just to survive.  Growing up with parents that focused on hard work and respect for others, Bob learned valuable life lessons that help lead him to a very successful business life.  In New Jersey, Bob owned a mortgage company that started with two people and grew to 120 employees.  Over the next five years, the company expanded to several offices in New Jersey, Florida, California and Pennsylvania.  After selling the company, Bob and his wife, Sandra, moved to Naples, Florida.  Bob then ventured into the hospitality business where he and his business partner currently own two restaurants.  Bob feels what sets him apart is that he has signed the front of paychecks for the past 25 years.   Bob has met many great elected officials but most have never signed the front of a paycheck.  Bob has helped many of his employees become owners of their own business too.  Bob was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2016. He currently Chairman of Civil Justice, Vice Chair of Judiciary and Vice Chair of Local, Federal and Veteran Affairs. In 2019 the Speaker of the Florida House appointed Bob to the Government Efficiency task force.  Bob lives in Naples with his wife Sandra and their dog Ginger. They are both very active in numerous charities. Bob has demonstrated leadership in his family, in business and in the community.

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