Dawn Keefer

Dillsburg, PA

Dawn Keefer was first elected to represent the 92nd District in the PA House of Representatives in November 2016. For the 2021-22 Legislative Session, she is serving on the House Finance, Health, Labor and Industry and State Government committees. 

A fiscal conservative with more than 20 years of professional and government experience, Dawn brings a unique perspective to governing from both the public and private sectors. She owned and operated a consulting firm for more than 10 years that focused on grassroots strategy, membership development and fundraising. On both a professional and personal level, Dawn understands the struggles small businesses face when it comes to surviving and growing in Pennsylvania’s economy, and she is committed to challenging the policies and regulations fostering a hostile business climate in Pennsylvania.

During her short period of time in the House, Dawn has forced the conversation of fiscal accountability and transparency. She continues to lead the charge in regulatory reform through her Pennsylvania REINS Act and fiscal stewardship by ensuring tax dollars are used appropriately. She also remains on the side of natural economic growth by challenging Pennsylvania’s outdated and unfair tax structure that negatively impacts small businesses and hinders investment.

Dawn and her husband, Tom, a retired Pennsylvania State Police corporal with more than 24 years of service and a veteran of the Marine Corps, are raising three children. She and her family are members of St. Joseph Parish in Mechanicsburg.

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