Deborah Flora

Denver, CO

Deborah is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, radio host, and national public speaker. As a mom and founder of Parents United America, she has been on the frontline fighting for parental rights and educational freedom. As a public policy director, she has advocated and testified for issues impacting the citizens of Colorado and across the country.

The Deborah Flora Show is heard daily on the Salem Radio Network, and Deborah has also been featured on media outlets including Fox News, Newsmax, Townhall, and the Daily Wire. As partner with her husband Jonathan in Lamplight Entertainment and Whetstone Media Group, she has produced numerous film and television projects including the documentary “Whose Children Are They?” which premiered in theaters nationwide.

Deborah is also a member of the American Enterprise Leadership Network and serves on the Leadership Program of the Rockies Advisory Council, the Colorado GOP Media Action Team, the ACE Scholarship Board of Directors, and is a Member of the Independence Institute’s Center Right Coalition.

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