Dennis Linthicum

Beatty, OR

State Senator Dennis Linthicum is currently serving his second term for Oregon’s 28th District. His Senate district comprises all or part of three Oregon Counties – Jackson, Klamath, and Deschutes. It is predominantly rural where farm, ranch and commodity production is the largest economic contributor. Prior to winning his state Senate seat he served as county commissioner in his home county of Klamath. Dennis is known for his strong appreciation of individual liberty, personal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets in the local economic environment.

In 2022, Dennis was honored to receive the CPAC “Center for Legislative Accountability” award for being the top conservative state Senator in Oregon. Prior to engaging in public office, Dennis was a senior vice president for software development with a FORTUNE 500 company, a licensed Oregon Contractor, and a rancher.

He has written extensively as the Dirt Road Economist, where he focused on the necessity of reenforcing the foundations which undergird our free society. He works to promote Constitutional conservatism with the knowledge that this produces robust local economies, individual liberty, and fosters personal responsibility.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UCLA and a Master’s Degree from Biola University.

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