Heather Scott

Blanchard, ID

Heather Scott has served North Idaho as a State Representatives for the past 8 years. She believes in limited government driven from the bottom up and is a strong advocate for educating and empowering citizens to be more involved in local and state government.  

Heather has built a strong support network of liberty-minded citizen volunteers, donors, and communities from a broad political spectrum across the state.  She has an outstanding reputation for excellent constituent representation, finding workable simple solutions to complex issues and striving to reach short and long-term goals. She has devised techniques to successfully expand her support base from district to state to even nationally and built a team of volunteer bill readers that respect and work for her because they believe in her leadership and skills as a respected legislator.   

Heather has created and promotes a popular pamphlet titled 101 Things You Do (To Help Save Our State and Republic).  She has also created the Growing Freedom for Idaho website to help citizens navigate the system and follow bills through the legislative process.  She regularly gives speeches throughout Idaho and the West encouraging citizens to be educated and engaged with their government to protect constitutional liberties, freedoms, individual and private property rights, and traditional family values.     

Heather has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology from the University of Akron.  Working 3 jobs to put herself through college, she understands the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, and financial prudence.  She is the proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran and the proud granddaughter of two World War II veterans.  In addition to her legislative work, she is currently a small business co-owner of a natural resource consulting firm.  She and her husband, Andrew, have been married 24 years and enjoy a rural lifestyle on a small farm in North Idaho.  

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