Kimberly Fiorello

Greenwich, Connecticut

Kimberly Fiorello is a member of the Connecticut General Assembly elected as State Representative for Greenwich and Stamford.  She serves on the Education, Planning and Development, and Judiciary Committees, championing “Money Follows The Child,” fixes to the Police Accountability bill, and stopping state takeover of local zoning decision rights.  She is in her first term.

To advance freedom in her state, Kimberly is the State Director for the Charter Oak Leadership Program, CLP, a Connecticut-based non-profit that trains community, business, and political leaders in the core principles of our country and free market enterprise. CLP is the first national chapter for the Leadership Program of the Rockies.  An avid organizer, she holds a U.S. patent for a storage bag design that was licensed by a CT-based manufacturer and sold online.

Kimberly was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Reston, Virginia.  She served one year at the United States Military Academy at West Point before transferring to and graduating from Harvard College, A.B. Economics.  She and her husband, Jon, live in Greenwich, CT, and have four children, two dogs, and four pet hens who daily provide yummy eggs for breakfast!


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