Mike Giallombardo

Cape Coral, FL

Mike Giallombardo is a husband, father, combat veteran, and businessman who is passionate about serving his community. Mike grew up in Cape Coral where he attended elementary, middle and high school. Growing up, he developed a love for playing football, leading to college scholarships.
Mike earned his Associate’s degree from Georgia Military College, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University and his Master’s Degree in International Relations with a Concentration in Conflict Resolution from American Military University.

After college, Mike enlisted in the United States Army and was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served with the 4th Infantry Division and also supported special operation missions. Mike played a significant role as a liaison to the Iraqi military and other coalition forces supporting the counter insurgency effort in Iraq. Mike is highly decorated from the operations he took part in and has been awarded numerous accommodations and medals such as Army Commendation Medals and Achievement Medals that were awarded for operations in Iraq that lead to capturing various targets.

Mike currently serves as a Warrant Officer in the Florida National Guard as a State Emergency Response Team liaison for the State of Florida. He has been activated for multiple hurricanes working with multiple counties in ensuring that the citizens have support from the Florida National Guard. He was also deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic to operate mobile testing sites.

When not on active duty, Mike owns and operates businesses that specializes in cybersecurity, technology development, commercialization of new technology, and education. Mike specializes in working with law enforcement, veteran-owned companies and helping veterans transition to civilian life.
Mike and his wife Wendi have a son Luca, daughter Presley, and help raise their niece Ivey.

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