Noah Malgeri

Las Vegas, NV

Noah Malgeri is an accomplished patent attorney, engineer, and Iraq War veteran. Noah is a patriot who appreciates that being an American is a profound privilege. Noah has practiced law on three continents and holds both American and German law degrees.

Despite the demands of his professional career, Noah has always maintained a commitment to public service. After serving in the U.S. Army, Noah directed the largest pro bono legal services organization in the state of Nevada for five years, providing critical pro bono representation to our community’s most vulnerable, including every foster child in Clark County. For that service, he was recognized with the Vegas Legal Magazine Excellence Award.

Most recently, Noah ran for U.S. Congress in Nevada’s Third District. Today, Noah serves as in-house counsel and practices as a patent attorney. He’s also the founder and Chief Executive of Mojave Rail Fabrication, a company that designs and builds revolutionary roof racks in Southern Nevada based on his own patented invention.

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