OJ Oleka

Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. OJ Oleka is the President of the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU). AIKCU advocates for quality higher education policies that will lead to increased affordability and access to postsecondary opportunities for all Kentuckians at each of the 18 AIKCU member institutions. Prior to AIKCU, Dr. Oleka was the Deputy Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where he worked on policy that streamlined government, developed the financial literacy standards for the Kentucky Department of Education, and protected the property rights of Kentuckians. Dr. Oleka has an MBA from Bellarmine University and a PhD in Leadership in Higher Education. As a published researcher, Dr. Oleka has focused on college affordability, social capital, and workforce development. Dr. Oleka is passionate about ending generational poverty through educational opportunity and economic mobility. Dr. Oleka lives in Louisville, KY, with his wife Jamie, and their dog Ashe.

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