Peter Marocco

Dallas, TX

Pete Marocco is the Managing Director of Endstate Strategies, a single-family office and advisory firm for operations management and strategic investments.  He also serves on the Texas Governors Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC).  In 2021, he led a private rescue of U.S. citizens and persecuted religious minorities in Afghanistan, and served as Corporate Director of Operations and Chief Accountability Officer for a specialty contractor in telecommunications, and infrastructure.  Prior to his return to the private sector, he served in various senior national security roles, most recently during the Trump administration at the Pentagon, Department of State, Department of Commerce, and USAID.  Pete served as the Texas Director of Logistics for the statewide Hurricane Harvey response.

Pete is a former Recon Marine Platoon Sergeant.  Since his military service, he has spent more than a decade overseas leading and instructing various operations in conflict zones for the U.S. government, as well as advising corporate security programs including Dell Technologies.  In 2015 and 2016, he led humanitarian operations for the Nazarene Fund that rescued, resettled and rehabilitated more than 4,000 ISIS survivors.  Pete serves on the advisory council of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and published his dissertation on targeting operations and unmanned aerial systems, while earning his Masters in International Human Rights Law from Oxford. 

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