Teresa Beckmeyer

Lorraine, TX

Teresa currently serves as the Sr. Political Advisor to the Saulsbury Family where she works in all facets of the political process from grassroots activism, to large donor activities, to congressional and legislative interests.  

She previously served as the Executive Director of the Texas House Freedom Caucus from 2017-2019 and as Mitchell County Republican Chairman for over 15 years.  She has served as a Regional Director for the Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association, both rules and nominations committee representative for Texas Senate District 28 to the Texas State Convention, and on various national and state campaigns.  Teresa is one of the seven founding members of the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition which is the longest surviving volunteer based conservative coalition of its kind in the nation.  

She serves as Chair of the Mitchell Co. Library Board, is a member of the Mitchell Co Republican Club Board, a precinct chair, and has been a delegate to the Texas State Republican Convention for the past 9 conventions.  A fifth generation Texan, she is past business owner, wife of 34 years, and mother to three grown homeschooled children.

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