Timothy Furey

New York, New York

Timothy Furey, CFA is the CEO of one of the Nation’s leading digital asset investment banks. Timothy has a 15-year career in finance/strategy that began in the public sector with the Federal Reserve before expanding into international capital markets for firms such as UBS, Cantor Fitzgerald, Bear Stearns, and Oppenheimer. His experience spans numerous sectors and geographies, such as financial institutions, real estate, tech, and industry in the United States, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Timothy is also an ardent supporter of economic freedom and civil rights and has worked on numerous campaigns advancing these causes. He has assumed various leadership positions in his home state of NY and ran for statewide office to promote economic growth and transparency. Timothy received an MBA from INSEAD and has degrees in physics and economics from Vassar College where he graduated cum laude.

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