Tom McGillvray

Billings, MT

Sen. Tom McGillvray is a 5th generation Montana native. Born in Helena, Montana, he attended Garrison and Deer Lodge Montana public schools. 

Tom received his BS in Agriculture from MT state University and retired in 2018 from a 27-year career as a Financial Advisor. 

He was elected to the Montana legislature in 2004. In 2007 Sen. McGillvray was elected House Majority Whip, Deputy Minority floor leader in 2009 and House Majority Leader in 2011.

Sen. McGillvray was also chair and Vice Chair of the Montana Republican Legislative Campaign committee from 2007-2011 during which time his efforts played a significant role in leading Republicans from a minority in the MT House to a 67-seat majority, one of the largest legislative swings in Montana history. 

Tom was elected to the Montana Senate in 2020, where he has worked to advance the causes of liberty, constitutional integrity and importantly, the rights of states under Article V and the 10th amendment. 

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