Utah State Missed
Votes Scorecard

In Utah, the average House missed 6% of the vote.

The 2021 Utah Missed Votes Scorecard


The Club for Growth Foundation publishes the “Missed Votes” scorecard so the public can see how often Utah’s elected state lawmakers show up to vote on legislation.

The Foundation looked at 919 votes in the Utah Senate, and 667 votes in the Utah House during the 2021 regular legislative session. This is not an exhaustive list of votes. These floor votes include roll call votes on legislative bills and excludes attendance votes, reprimand votes, and votes cast in committee.

On any single roll call vote, if the lawmaker voted YEA (“Y”) or NAY (“N”), then the scorecard counted the lawmaker as casting a vote (+).  If the lawmaker abstained or was not present or did not vote, then the scorecard labeled the lawmaker as missing the vote (-).

“The Club for Growth Foundation makes no judgment on why a lawmaker misses votes. Lawmakers miss votes for a whole host of reasons, including medical issues, family concerns, or prior commitments. The Foundation publishes this quantified information for educational purposes only.”

The votes were cast from 1/19/2021 – 3/5/2021.

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