Andy Roth Announced As Club For Growth Foundation Executive Director

The Club for Growth Foundation announced that Andy Roth will serve as the Executive Director of the new organization. The Club for Growth Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that engages in education and research programs and activities throughout the United States that are non-partisan and non-political.

Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh said, “Andy’s longtime commitment to pro-growth policies is unmatched, and he’s the perfect person to educate the public about economic freedom and limited government.”

Roth previously served as Vice President of Government Affairs for Club for Growth and has worked with the group since 2003.

“Our work has revealed an alarming weakness among civic, community and government leaders in understanding and explaining the essential relationship between sound public economics and a flourishing free society,” said Andy Roth. “These leaders need to be better equipped with an understanding of core principles to inform decisions that will benefit American families and the economy.”

Through research, events, and training, the Club for Growth Foundation will equip leaders to understand and explain the relationship between a free society, economic liberty, and limited government.

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