Club for Growth Foundation Announces 2023 Fellows

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Club for Growth Foundation is welcoming its incoming class of 2023 Fellows. Since its inaugural class in 2020, the Foundation’s fellowship program has been instrumental in equipping a national network of conservative leaders who are dedicated to advancing the principles of liberty, economic freedom and limited government.

“The Club for Growth Foundation could not be more excited about the talented incoming class of 2023,” said Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh. “They are a cohort of liberty-minded conservative leaders, drawn from all walks of life, who have proven their dedication to civic leadership and to defending the principles that undergird our Republic. They will make a valuable contribution to the Foundation’s efforts to educate and engage the public on the virtues of free people, free markets, and a constitutional order that has safeguarded our hard-won freedoms for well over two centuries. We’re eager to see them flourish.”


This year, Club for Growth Foundation accepted 45 fellows across 25 different states. With the addition of the new fellowship class, Club for Growth Foundation now has 167 fellows spanning 39 different states.

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in virtual and in-person seminars designed to deepen their understanding of free market and limited government principles, how these principles lead to economic prosperity, and how to effectively amplify this message in the public square.

The year-long fellowship program will expand the number of pro-growth Americans who are able and willing to engage in public service across a broad cross-section of society.

2023 Fellowship Class:

  • Tommy Altman, Client Relations Manager at Freedom Street Partners  (VA)
  • Ben Baker, Missouri State House Representative Owner of Artisan Construction (MO)
  • Jake Bequette, Founder of The Arkansas Fund (AR)
  • Annie Black, Realtor & Founder of Annie Black LLC (NV)
  • Cindy Byrd, Oklahoma State Auditor (OK)
  • Jenny Clark, Founder & CEO of Love Your School (AZ)
  • Mike Crispi, Talk Show Host for Salem Media (NJ)
  • Emily Davis, Director of Media Relations at Hillsdale College (MI)
  • Deborah Flora, Partner and Radio Host at Whetstone Media Group (CO)
  • Abraham George, Collin County GOP Chair & CEO of Marzet Medical Systems (TX)
  • Mike Giallombardo, Florida State House Representative & Warrant Officer in the National Guard (FL)
  • John Gibbs, Ottawa County Administrator (MI)
  • Jennifer Gross, Ohio State House Representative & Nurse Practitioner (OH)
  • Amalia Halikias, Heritage Foundation Government Relations Director (MD)
  • Bronwyn Haltom, COO at Acquire Digital (MI) 
  • Joe Hamm, Pennsylvania State House Representative (PA) 
  • Brian Harrison, Texas State House Representative (TX) 
  • Sam Hayes, General Counsel for the North Carolina State Speaker of the House (NC) 
  • Troup Hemenway, President and CEO of Personnel Policy Operations (VA) 
  • Stephen Hollingshead, Founder and CEO of ChangeInEX (TX) 
  • Nicholas Horton, Founder of Opportunity Arkansas (AR) 
  • Jason Killmeyer, Vice President of Corporate Strategy of Ashford Inc (TX) 
  • Robert Leadbeter, Pennsylvania State House Representative (PA) 
  • Laurel Libby, Maine State House Representative & Co-Founder of The Dinner Table (ME) 
  • Dennis Linthicum, Oregon State House Representative (OR) 
  • Noah Malgeri, Founder & CEO of Mojave Rail Systems (NV) 
  • Austin McCollum, Arkansas State House Representative (AR) 
  • Mayes Middleton, Texas State Senator President of Middleton Oil Company (TX) 
  • Chris Miller, Illinois State House Representative (IL) 
  • Jordan Mollenhour, Co-CEO of Mollenhour Gross (TN) 
  • Adam Morgan, South Carolina State House Representative & President of Majesty Music (SC) 
  • Adam Niemerg, Illinois State House Representative (IL) 
  • Marlo Oaks, Utah State Treasurer (UT)
  • Robert Onder, Missouri State Senator (MO) 
  • Jena Powell, Ohio State House Representative (OH) 
  • David Ray, Arkansas State House Representative (AR) 
  • Aaron Reitz, Texas Deputy Attorney General (TX) 
  • Adam Rosendale, Owner of Black Sheep Contracting (MT) 
  • Nate Schatzline, Texas State House Representative & Director of Operations for The Justice Reform (TX) 
  • Stephanie Smith, Principal of Thatcher Coalition LLC (AL) 
  • Andrew Sorrell, Alabama State Auditor (AL) 
  • Blaine Wilhour, Illinois State House Representative & Partner at Wilhour Farms (IL) 
  • Patrick Witt, CEO of Turnkey Contractor Solutions (GA) 
  • Theo Wold, Idaho Solicitor General (ID) 
  • Brice Wordsworth, Detective for Greenville Police Department (NC)


Click here to learn more about Club for Growth Foundation’s 2023 Fellowship class. 

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