WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Club for Growth Foundation announced its inaugural Class of 2020 for its new Fellowship Program, which will help equip civic leaders to effectively explain the relationship between a free society, economic liberty, and limited government. In turn, this will expand the number of pro-growth Americans who are able and willing to engage in public discourse across a broad cross-section of society.

“Club for Growth Foundation is excited to welcome such an impressive group of rising conservative leaders for the first ever class of the Fellowship Program,” said Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh. “By taking part in the Fellowship Program, this next generation of conservative champions will be well equipped to explain the many benefits of a free economy.”

The Class of 2020 includes 48 men and women from 28 states, all from a variety of backgrounds. Members include mayors, state lawmakers, city council members, business owners, CEOs, members of the military, members of the religious community, doctors, lawyers, and leaders in the non-profit conservative movement.

Meet the Class of 2020 below and access their bios here:

Daniel Barry

Jennifer Baysinger

Ricky Becker

Nicholas Begich

Halsey Beshears

Bo Biteman

Chad Blackburn

Charles Blain

Josh Brecheen

Eric Burlison

Tina Cannon

Ayshia Connors

Travis  Couture-Lovelady

John Crane

Paul Curtman

Nathan Dahm

Justin Ferira

Randy  Fine

Timothy Furey

Mike Hill

Jonathan Jakubowski

Jake Johnson

David Johnson

Anthony Kern

Tracy Marshall

Sam McCown

Ruth McNeil

Melissa Melendez

Patrick Neville

William O’Neill

Andrew Ogles

OJ Oleka

Warren Petersen

Bunni Pounds

Amelia Powers Gardner

Jordan Rasmusson

Matt Rinaldi

Kevin Roberts

Marc Roberts

Nicole Rodden

Bob Rommel

David Rowe

Steve Smith

Lisa Sparks

Elianor Vessali

Zachary WalkerLieb

Phillip Williams

Colm Willis

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