Club for Growth Foundation Releases 2022 WY State Legislative Scorecard

Washington, D.C.  – Club for Growth Foundation has released its 2022 Wyoming economic scorecard, outlining the voting record of each member of the state legislature to provided increased transparency to where they stand on pro-growth economic issues.


The Foundation conducted a comprehensive examination of each lawmaker’s record on votes related to pro-growth policies and computed an Economic Growth Score on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 indicates the highest support for pro-growth policies. This year, Club for Growth Foundation scored 18 votes in the House and 14 votes in the Senate. These votes included opposition to taxpayer financed loan expansion and pay raises for statewide elected officials as well as support for eliminating unnecessary government boards overseeing public television and employee compensation.


“Through Club for Growth Foundation’s scorecard series, citizens are able to better understand where their representatives stand on key economic issues at the state level,” said Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh. “We believe that the 2022 scorecard will help educate Wyomingites and allow them to be better informed on pro-growth policies. Wyoming residents should be pleased to learn that their legislators voted more in-line with free-market principles this session as compared to the last.”


Club for Growth Foundation plans on releasing similar scorecards for state legislatures across the country.


Key Takeaways on Wyoming 2022 Economic Scorecard:

Wyoming Senate:

  • Senate Members = 30
  • Republicans: 28
  • Democrats: 2


Average Republican Score: 62% (Up from 52% in 2021)

Average Democrat Score: 26% (Up from 20% in 2021)


Highest-Rated Republican: Sen. Bo Biteman (SD-21): 100%

Highest-Rated Democrat: Sen. Chris Rothfuss (SD-9): 31%


Lowest-Rated Republican: Sen. Stephan Pappas (SD-7): 22%

Lowest-Rated Democrat: Sen. Michael Gierau (SD-17): 20%


Wyoming House:

  • House Members = 60
  • Republicans: 51
  • Democrats: 7
  • Independents: 1
  • Libertarians: 1


Average Republican Score: 47% (Down from 53% in 2021)

Average Democrat Score: 7% (Down from 13% in 2021)


Highest-Rated Republican: Rep. Chuck Gray (HD-57): 100%

Highest-Rated Democrat: Rep. Michael Yin (HD-16): 11%


Lowest-Rated Republican: Rep. Joe MacGuire (HD-35): 9%

Lowest-Rated Democrats: Reps. Andi Clifford (HD-33), Cathy Connolly (HD-13), Karlee Provenza (HD-45): 4%


Click here to view the full Wyoming State Senate scorecard.

Click here to view the full Wyoming State House scorecard.

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