Bronwyn Haltom

Mattawan, MI

Bronwyn Haltom is a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing and online advocacy, with over a decade of experience working with hundreds of campaigns, caucuses, advocacy groups, non-profits, and national brands. Bronwyn was raised in a homeschool and small-business family in Southwest Michigan, instilling in her from a young age the importance of self-reliance and free-markets over government run institutions.

Bronwyn started her career working to elect dozens of conservatives to office including President Trump. After the 2016 election, she worked on the Presidential Transition Team and was then selected to serve in The White House Office of Political Affairs, overseeing an entire region of the country for President Trump. On her first day at The White House, she met her now-husband, Thomas. Bronwyn returned home to Michigan in 2018, where she manages a small business and has taken an active role in the state Republican Party and conservative grassroots.

Bronwyn is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan.

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