Catherine Urbanek


After a decades-long career in entertainment and the fitness industry, Catherine Urbanek made the decision to attend law school in 2018. Discouraged with Hollywood’s extremely far-left politics, she chose to pursue a career that she hoped would bring her a deeper personal and intellectual fulfillment.

Catherine had always considered herself a conservative, but during her 1L year, she found a new appreciation for the Constitution and the values of America as founded. She became active in the Pepperdine Caruso Law Federalist Society, serving as Communications Director and President. The summer after her 2L year, Catherine proudly clerked within the Law Enforcement Defense Division in the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

After graduating law school, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida. She recently completed Alliance Defending Freedom’s Young Lawyers Academy, serves on the Jacksonville Federalist Society Executive Committee, and is a board member of the Florida Federalist Society Young Lawyers Chapter.

Catherine currently clerks for the Honorable Joshua Mize on the Florida Sixth District Court of Appeal, and her most recent obsession is her new puppy, Stuart.

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