Jessica Villarreal


Jessica served with the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade out of Fort Drum, New York, from 2004-2010 and provided support during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the Army, Jessica wanted to continue serving her community. She received a bachelor’s degree in communications studies from the University of Texas-Pan American and a master’s in social work from Our Lady of the Lake University.

Through her social work career, Jessica worked with veterans, children, and families, conducting individual and group counseling focusing on trauma. This work led her to a job at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At the VA, Jessica helped veterans get through difficult transitions back to civilian life, as many were experiencing a wide range of complicated medical, psychiatric, emotional, behavioral, and psychosocial problems. Her time at the VA gave Jessica insight into shortcomings and harmful policies affecting veterans and veterans’ families.

To further her impact, Jessica joined Concerned Veterans for America to effect policy change and is concurrently working toward a doctorate in behavioral health through Arizona State University.

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