Matthew Tyrmand


Matthew Tyrmand is a journalist (both investigative and editorial), political strategist, activist, consultant, and investment banker. He is a dual Polish and American citizen deeply engaged in the battle of political ideas in both the USA and Europe. He is an outspoken critic of the European Union and American-Ivory Tower–engineered globalist multilateralism at the expense of nation state sovereignty and individual freedom.

In the U.S., he works closely with organizations focused on bringing robust fiscal transparency, prudence, and accountability to the public sector as well as rooting out corruption in both the public and private sectors including with American Transparency where he is Deputy-Director-at-Large of its OpenTheBooks project.

He has contributed to numerous English language platforms in the U.S. and Europe including, but not limited to: Breitbart, Forbes, The American Mind, The American Thinker, The American Conservative, The Jerusalem Post, The European Conservative, Human Events, and numerous outlets in Poland where he also appears twice weekly on Polish television weighing in on issues of the day. He is the author of two books in Poland.

He continues his work in investment banking as well focusing on corporate finance work for healthcare & technology companies.

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