Mike Crispi

Weehawken, NJ

Mike Crispi is an experienced television reporter, talk show host, and businessman. After a decorated career as a college football player at Elon University, he enjoyed early success in the health insurance consulting business. Out of a genuine passion and love of country, he became engaged in politics with a mission to use his communication skills to further conservative causes he was passionate about.

He first gained political notoriety covering live grassroots events with Right Side Broadcasting Network to millions of viewers. He has interviewed the biggest names in conservative politics while also providing ground-breaking analysis on key stories well before it hit the mainstream.

After a strong showing running for US Congress in New Jersey in 2022, Crispi has returned to the airwaves and currently hosts one of the most popular daily political podcasts in the nation, “Mike Crispi Unafraid,” which is syndicated on The Salem Podcast Network, Salem News Channel, and LFA TV.

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