Rob Harris

South Carolina

Rob Harris is a Christian and has been a husband to his wife Janice for 37 years. He is a father to ten and grandfather to nine and has homeschooled his family for 30 years. He is willing to do the unpopular and is action-oriented.

After the 2020 election, Rob’s concern for the direction of our country spurred him into action. After attending his first Constitution class, he got involved with ReOrg in 2021. He and his family took control of their precinct and got to work. Rob was part of a slate which failed to take control of the ‘status-quo’ county GOP leadership.

Shortly thereafter, he started a grassroots activism organization. He and his family knocked doors for a school board candidate and knocked doors while canvassing the 2020 election results.

Having gained campaign experience and knowing his family’s capability, he decided that they had the ‘boots on the ground’ infrastructure to execute a local election for state house. They filed the second to last day, knocked on 3,500 doors in nine weeks and evicted a 23-year incumbent, chairwoman of the Education committee.

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