Shad White


Shad White is the 42nd State Auditor of Mississippi.

White, a Certified Fraud Examiner, grew up in Sandersville, Mississippi, population 731, in a blue-collar family. His father and grandfather were oilfield pumpers, and his mother and grandmother were public school teachers. Shad went on to earn degrees from the University of Mississippi, the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar, and Harvard Law School.

White was appointed State Auditor in July 2018 and has twice won re-election to the office after establishing a tough, no-nonsense reputation. White’s team stopped the largest public fraud in state history in February 2020 and has recovered more money since 2018 than in any other five-year period in state history.

White also serves in the military as a captain in the Mississippi National Guard and is the author of the upcoming book “Mississippi Swindle: Brett Favre and the Welfare Scandal That Shocked America” (published by Steerforth Press and distributed by Penguin Random House in August 2024).

Today Shad, his wife Rina, and their three children live in Rankin County and are faithful members at St. Richard Church.

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