WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Club for Growth Foundation’s “Reaganomics for the 21st Century”

The following are quotes from conservative leaders across the country praising the latest Club for Growth Foundation recent white paper, “Reaganomics for the 21st Century.” The report was authored by economist Daniel J. Mitchell.

“Required reading for conservative activists who do not wish to let the Republican party be tricked into returning to Rockefeller Republicanism or Hooverism. There is nothing ‘new’ about the stupidity of tax hikes, tariffs, corrupt subsidies or rule by self-interested ‘experts.’”
– Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

“As Mitchell explains, President Reagan’s free market principles revitalized America’s economy in the 1980s and would do so today.”
– Jim Miller, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan

“Unfortunately, it seems these core Reagan principles – which made America an unstoppable economic powerhouse – have been largely forgotten in recent years. Bravo to the Club for Growth Foundation for not only bringing these principles back to the center stage but figuring out how to directly apply them to today’s enormous challenges. This is a plan that we are 100% behind.”
– Fred McGrath, President, Institute for Legislative Analysis

“Sound fiscal policy that has withstood historical critique is the touchstone of trying times. Daniel Mitchell’s Reaganomics for the 21st Century is a strong antidote to today’s Zombie Wilsonianism infecting our Federal government’s growth.”
– Will O’Neill (CFGF Fellow ’20), Mayor Pro Tem, Newport Beach, CA

“We are rapidly entering a post-constitutional America, where unelected bureaucrats both write and enforce federal ‘law’ by edict. President Reagan understood the dangers of over-regulation, and, having served as Chief of Staff at the largest regulatory agency on earth, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, I have seen the tremendous harm that even well-intended regulations cause. I appreciate the Club for Growth Foundation’s work and encourage everyone who believes in the principles that made America great to read it!”
– State Rep. Brian Harrison, 2023 CFGF Fellow

“Club for Growth Foundation’s new report argues the case for turning around the Biden economy the way Reagan fixed the Carter economy. It really is this simple: Cut taxes, cut spending, cut red tape, and cut out the money printing. The American people will do the rest.”
– Stephen Hollingshead, CEO, ChangeInEx, 2023 CFGF Fellow

“We need to stop digging the proverbial deeper hole by implementing the common sense principles brilliantly outlined in Reaganomics 2.0. As the data demonstrates, this is a target-rich environment for basic reforms in government spending and regulations, tax policy, monetary policy, and foreign policy. If implemented, they have the potential to deliver the prosperity, security, and hope enjoyed by Americans during Reagan’s administration.”
– Jonathan Jakubowski, 2020 CFGF Fellow

“In the midst of a lot of depressing economic news – high inflation, rising interest rates, ridiculous spending, and suffocating regulation, Club for Growth Foundation offers a practical, proven way out. In Reaganomics for the 21st Century, Daniel Mitchell reminds us that we’ve been here before, and we know how to slay these dragons.”
– Tracy Marshall, Founder and CEO, Transparency US, CFGF Fellow ‘20

“In today’s world of high inflation and reckless spending, Reaganomics for the 21st Century lays out a clear roadmap for why Reagan’s policies were effective and how a return to common sense principles will promote economic freedom for all Americans.”
– State Representative Adam Niemerg (CFGF Fellow ’23), Illinois

“The Reaganomics Report highlights the proven, time-tested economic principles that state legislators should be advancing at the state level to further prosperity.”
– Ohio State Rep. Derek Merrin, CFGF Fellow 2022

“Out-of-control government spending, reckless debt, destructive inflation, and overreaching regulations are suffocating the US economy. Reaganomics for the 21st Century provides policymakers with straightforward, fiscally sound, and historically proven solutions to these problems. Fiscal responsibility, low taxes, stable money, and regulatory restraint will lead the U.S. economy back on track.”
– Cameron Belt, Senior Economist, RCG Economics (CFGF Fellow 2022)

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