Club for Growth Foundation Releases 2023 South Carolina State Economic Scorecard

Washington, D.C. — The Club for Growth Foundation has published its 2023 South Carolina State Economic Scorecard, allowing South Carolinians an in-depth understanding of where their state legislators stand on key economic policy.

The mission of The Club for Growth Foundation is to educate the public on the values of economic freedom and limited government. At both the federal and state levels, the legislative process is often obscured with jargon and backroom deals, leaving citizens in the dark on legislation that has a substantial impact on their lives. By publishing and amplifying its scorecards, The Club for Growth Foundation allows Americans a deeper understanding on how legislators view the issues they value most.

The Foundation conducted a thorough examination of each lawmaker’s record on votes related to pro-growth policies and calculated an Economic Growth Score on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 indicates the highest support for pro-growth policies. This year, the Club for Growth Foundation evaluated over 1,100 floor votes and, in the end, included 18 South Carolina House votes and 10 South Carolina Senate votes. These votes included support for a school choice scholarship program as well as opposition to supplemental COVID spending and legislation that gave $1.3 billion in taxpayer funds to Scout Motors for an EV manufacturing facility.

“By offering state level economic scorecards, the Club for Growth Foundation offers the general public in South Carolina, and across the country, a better sense of where their legislators stand on pro-growth economic policies,” said Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh. “By making this information widely available, our aim is to create a better educated population.”

Club for Growth Foundation plans to release similar scorecards for state legislatures across the country.


Key Takeaways on South Carolina 2023 Scorecard:

South Carolina Senate:

  • Senate Members = 46
  • Republicans: 30
  • Democrats: 15
  • Independents: 1
  • Vacancies: 0
  • Average Republican Score: 28%
  • Average Democrat Score: 2%
  • Highest Rated Republican(s): Sen. Thomas Corbin SD-05: 49%
  • Highest Rated Democrat(s): Sen. Darrell Jackson SD-21: 13%
  • Lowest Rated Republican(s): Sen. Rex Rice SD-02 and Sen Sandra Senn SD-41: 14%
  • Lowest Rated Democrat(s): Multiple Senators with 0%

South Carolina House:

  • Members = 124
  • Republicans: 88
  • Democrats: 36
  • Vacancies: 0
  • Average Republican Score: 34%
  • Average Democrat Score: 5%
  • Highest Rated Republican(s): Rep. Robert May HD-88 and Rep. T. Alan Morgan HD-18: 100%
  • Highest Rated Democrat(s): Rep. Jackie Hayes HD-55: 13%
  • Lowest Rated Republican(s): Rep. Neal Collins HD-05: 6%
  • Lowest Rated Democrat(s): Multiple Members with 0%


Click here to read the full 2023 South Carolina Economic Scorecard from the Club for Growth Foundation.


This scorecard is based on selected votes of importance to the Foundation, and does not include the complete voting record of any legislator. There are inherent limitations in judging the overall qualifications of any legislator based on a selected voted record, and the Foundation does not endorse or oppose any legislator for public office.

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