Club for Growth Foundation Releases 2023 Missouri State Economic Scorecard

Washington, D.C. — The Club for Growth Foundation has published its 2023 Missouri State Economic Scorecard, offering a detailed look into where legislators stand on economic policy in the Show-Me State.

The mission of The Club for Growth Foundation is to educate the public on the importance of free-market economics and limited government principles. At both the federal and state levels, the legislative process is often masked by backroom deals and overly technical language, preventing citizens from having a sound understanding of bills that have a direct impact on their lives. By making its scorecards widely available, the Club for Growth Foundation provides Americans with a straightforward view into how their legislators value key issues.

The Foundation conducted a thorough examination of each lawmaker’s record on votes related to pro-growth policies and calculated an Economic Growth Score on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 indicates the highest support for pro-growth policies. This year, the Club for Growth Foundation evaluated over 1,300 floor votes and, in the end, included 19 Missouri House votes and 13 Missouri Senate votes. These votes included support for significant income tax reform, as well as opposition to a massive welfare expansion plan and special interest subsidies.

“Through the Club for Growth Foundation’s state economic scorecards, we strive to offer a deeper understanding to the people of Missouri into how their legislators view free-market economic policy,” said Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh. “Through this increased transparency, Missourians will have a better understanding of which legislators are for, or against, economic freedom and limited government.”

Club for Growth Foundation plans to release similar scorecards for state legislatures across the country.



Key Takeaways on Missouri 2023 Scorecard:

Missouri Senate:

  • Senate Members = 34
  • Republicans: 24
  • Democrats: 10
  • Vacancies: 0
  • Average Republican Score: 40%
  • Average Democrat Score: 5%
  • Highest Rated Republican(s): Sen. Mike Moon SD-29: 100%
  • Highest Rated Democrat(s): Sen. Barbara Washington SD-09: 18%
  • Lowest Rated Republican(s): Sen. Elaine Gannon SD-03: 8%
  • Lowest Rated Democrat(s): Sen. Lauren Arthur SD-17, Sen. Greg Razer SD-07, and Sen. John Rizzo SD-11: 0%

Missouri House:

  • Members = 163
  • Republicans: 111
  • Democrats: 51
  • Vacancies: 1
  • Average Republican Score: 44%
  • Average Democrat Score: 2%
  • Highest Rated Republican(s): Rep. Michael Davis HD-56 and Rep. Tony Lovasco HD-64: 100%
  • Highest Rated Democrat(s): Rep. Jo Doll HD-91 and Rep. Barbara Phifer HD-90: 14%
  • Lowest Rated Republican(s): Rep. Kyle Marquart HD-109: 22%
  • Lowest Rated Democrat(s): Multiple Members with 0%


Click here to read the full 2023 Missouri Economic Scorecard from the Club for Growth Foundation.


This scorecard is based on selected votes of importance to the Foundation, and does not include the complete voting record of any legislator. There are inherent limitations in judging the overall qualifications of any legislator based on a selected voted record, and the Foundation does not endorse or oppose any legislator for public office.

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